Capturing The Moment
Capturing The Moment


This Page Will Be Dedicated To My Other Passion Which Is Martial Arts,Whether It Be Muay Thai,Boxing,Cage Fighting Or Tai Chi,If I Have Had The Pleasure To Shoot It It Will Be Here,It Will Also Feature Heavily With My Local School ,Which Is The Golden Dragon Martial Arts Academy In Retford,Lead By Sifu David Levett

UK Martial Arts Show 15

M.S.A Widnes Muay Thai
M.S.A Widnes Muay Thai
The Edmunds Sistas

Kru Lundy Master Sken Academy Demo

River Perry Team Bandai Demo

Sifu David Levett Wing Chun 

Star Perry Team Bandai Demo

The Edmund Sistas

Kru Lundy Master Sken Academy 

Jason Kenny Aikido

Sifu David Levett

Knife fighting drills

Some Of The Knife Fighting Drills At The Golden Dragon

We Also Do Knives Vs Sticks

stick fighting drills

knife fighting drills

knife fighting

There Is Also A Traditional Lion And Dragon Dance Team

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